Kites (featuring Lauren Bird)

from by Darren Doherty

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It was truly a big ambition to get a wonderful female singer on one of my songs and I am still buzzing that Lauren agreed. We share a love of Alanis Morissette and Joni Mitchell so common ground was easy to find.
This song happened suddenly and was originally a big loud rock song but I demoed it late at night to remember the idea and sang it an octave down and I much preferred it, that's how these things happen see.
I had the Mary Poppins song 'Let's Go Fly A Kite' in my mind as it reminds me of good times, I suppose the song is a request of sorts, life's too short, one door closes and all that cliched nonsense.
I really like the pre chorus' on this.


Open my eyes and I am torn
I see things different now
It’s as if I was reborn
Open my eyes and I believe
In so much everything
It’s near impossible to breath.

It’s like the last day of the universe
And there’s panic all around
I am standing there in silence
People wailing on the ground
There’s hope but they just can’t see it
It forms an eye above the brow
There's this one soul who believes me
And one is all I need right now.

I cannot miss the sorrow
I cannot miss the rain
I cannot miss tomorrow
I have kite’s to fly today
I cannot miss tomorrow
Won’t you come with me,
Why fight the wave?
Cause we’re not drowning anymore
It’s all happening again.

Open my eyes and I am torn
I say yes to everything
Except to what I need no more
Open my eyes and I agree
The sun brings sustenance
And sexuality.

It’s like the last day of the universe
And there’s no one else around
And we’re climbing down the spiral
Staircase in the clouds
We’re viewing this destruction
And see the beauty in it all
Some eyes are made to look to heaven
Some designed to watch it fall.

You'll get the rhythm to it
You'll get the rhythm to it
You'll get the rhythm to it
You'll get the rhythm to it.


from What You Do, released April 14, 2017
Written and recorded by Darren Doherty.
Vocals by Darren and Lauren Bird.



all rights reserved


Darren Doherty Belfast, UK

Northern Irish singer-songwriter recording and releasing a track per week until the album is complete.

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